Ban the Box!

Here’s some info about the current Ban the Box campaign in Portland to put their criminal histories in context when they are searching for employment and to disempower the labels: “felon” and “criminal”.

Koin News: Oregon Campaign To Help Ex-Convicts Seeks To “Ban The Box”
“The ordinance would prevent Portland employers from asking about criminal convictions on job application forms.”

Jefferson Public Radio: ‘Ban the box,’ says felon with master’s degree
“Emmanuel Price: ‘I would oftentimes fill out applications for jobs or housing and as soon as I turned my application in, I could read the body language and I could see the look on their face and I could knew I would not either one, get that job or get that apartment. And that repeated itself for ten years over.’ Price is founder of a Portland-based non-profit called Second Chances Are For Everyone, which advocates for and offers support to ex-offenders.”

Second Chances are for Everyone:

A screenshot from an amazing interview with Michelle Alexander (author of The New Jim Crow) touching on the broader impacts of, and reasons for, Ban the Box
Youtube: Moyers and Company, Michelle Alexander: Locked Out of the American Dream

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