Sochi Reel-Time

Johnny Weir rocking his official Sochi commentary for NBC.

Johnny Weir rocking his official Sochi commentary for NBC.

Join ERNEST and c3: initiative for Sochi Reel-Time, a group conversation about the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. ERNEST members will call in via various locations and present short clips of interest from the Games. This year’s Olympics have become a platform for cultural and political dissent. Clips will be followed by a group discussion around themes of national competition, physical performance, costuming, teamwork, gay rights, politics, democracy, and pedaphilia. Open to the public.

ERNEST is a Bay Area based working group comprised of a flexible group of members. Shifting the focus away from the individual identities of the artists, ERNEST provides a democratic means for artists to make work that challenges dominant ideas about site, body, and power. In Portland with c3:initiative, ERNEST will make a public project over the next two years.

Thurs, Feb 27, 7pm
c3: Initiative
7326 N. Chicago Ave.
Portland, OR

Sochi Reel-Time List of Clips:

Conan intro (1:51)

1a) Billie Jean King on Rule 50 vs. the media (1:43)

1b) Caitlin Cahow talks about being selected as a gay athlete to represent US at Sochi, and recent progress of gay rights in US. (1:49)

1c) ESPN on Putin (2:22)

2a)Johnny Weir Instagram

2b) Johnny Weir interview (2:15)

2c) Canadian bobsledders ad (0:33)
3a) Pussy Riot on Colbert (6:45)–1

3b) New Sochi Pussy Riot Action (1:45)
“According to the state-run news agency Ria Novosti, the Cossacks are serving as volunteer security officials for the Olympics. More than 400 Cossacks arrived in Sochi in early January to help the police maintain order, the news agency said. The Cossacks have a “semi-official” role in Russia and “sometimes carry out self-appointed vigilante police duties that are now becoming officially authorized in some parts of the country, including Moscow,” according to Ria Novosti.”

4) Masacre en Tlatelolco,
Mexico ’68 Student Massacre on Oct 2, eve of the Olympics (10:31)

5a) News piece interviews with russian LGBT community (cue to 1:08 – 4:58)

5b) Occupy Pedophilia (5:37)

6a) “Power is nothing without control” Pirelli ad featuring Carl Lewis 1995 (still image)
6b) With regard to advertisement contracts medalists secure….Lipton ad in the post 1984 olympics with gold medalist Mary Lou Retton.(still image)


7) Russian Police Choir sings Daft Punk (3:39)